About Amie



Who am I?

When I was a teenager, my mother told me that I should become a terrorist.

Seriously. Yea she did.

What she meant to say was, that I should become an interrogator. As in, the one who actually questions terrorists. Big difference, Mom.

But if you ask my mother, I've been a rebel from the beginning. Always questioning. Never satisfied with surface answers, I have been one to keep digging until I felt the truth for myself.

Which earned me another compliment from my mother when she often likened me to a drill.

My love of language and research easily led me into teaching at the church my parents founded. And my passion to see people live life to the fullest fueled my quest to write five books, three devotionals and a book study.

I had the honor of learning to lead through the oversight and direction of a large non-profit organization and as the visionary behind an annual conference, Flourish, that draws thousands of women from around the world.

My favorite role, toughest assignment and greatest joy has been raising four children with my Southern gentleman of twenty-two years, Stacey. I had four children in three years (twins) and all by the time I was 24 years old.

In 2011, wife, mother, leader, writer and speaker were joined by another title: "cancer survivor." Five surgeries later and a round of chemotherapy I began to look at the big picture of health and wellness from all sides. I have found myself wealthier in every regard as a result of that journey.

With our youngest, the twins graduating from high school this year and our oldest getting married, Stacey and I have embarked on our latest adventure, selling our home and buying a ranch an hour north of Dallas.

This past year has been one of refining and redefining our roles as parents, leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs. Growth isn't easy. It is an imperfect process.

But through this changing season, a new vision and platform has emerged as a beautiful convergence of calling, anointing and equipping. I have been challenged, for although I prize excellence, I have come to witness that vulnerability is of higher value when a lesson can be shared.

So be prepared. This is an imperfect invitation.

A postcard from the present saying, "wish you were here!"

A desk made messy with dream-stained hands. 

The place where you are always welcome and may frequent in the "meantime" quiet hours of contemplation.

I will be here, over-thinking enough for both of us.


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